Black Bear

At Oak Mountain, the bears we hunt are the Black Bears. 75% of our Black Bears have a unique wide white V neck pattern to the chest area. We have the highest percentage of this kind of black bear in Canada. Our region also has a small population of cinnamon bears and coloured face bears.

We only hunt the most densely populated black bear territory. We do not hunt in fenced areas or near dumps.

Antonio Acerra with record Black Bear catch at 650 lbs

In the fall of 1998, Antonio Acerra bagged the biggest bear in New Brunswick's history for the last 45 years.

The trophy bear weighed in at 650 pounds & field dressed at 528 pounds on government scales! One for the record books!

White Tailed Deer

Marc with his White Tailed Deer
Restricted to Fall Season.
Hunted in populated deer regions over active scrape and baited sites.



Large Moose with Hunter

Restricted to the fall season. Moose is hunted in hardwood ridge with very good visibility. Hunted in populated moose regions. With experienced moose callers, hunting is done in hardwood ridges, lakes, and bogs with very good visibility.
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