Airport pickup provided

Licensed Guides

Experienced in all types of big game hunting and fishing offered in New Brunswick. Knowledgeable in compass and map reading, and all types of firearms and hunting and fishing apparel. Your guide is always within reach while hunting.

Baiting  Black bear at Baiting Station

Extensive baiting is done on a daily basis before and during all hunting seasons.

35 years of accumulated experience in the bear's daily routine is part of what we offer at Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters. We have perfected our baiting techniques and we keep baiting every day. The bears come constantly to feed, morning, evening, and during the day.

To and from your hunting site supplied by your guide.

Preparation of Kill
Will be attended to by your guide.Tree Stand

Tree Stands

Sturdy, secure tree stands being within 20 yds. of bait. Draw for stands done upon arrival... no favoritism. Sites will not be hunted two consecutive weeks unless still very active.

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Hunting Lodge: Directions to Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters

11351 Route 114 (Fundy Park Route)
New Brunswick, Canada
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or: 1-506-433-5884 (after 5:00PM)

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